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According to Klout Score Fluffy Links Influences Super Blogger Robert Scoble

According to our Klout score, Fluffy Links is an influencer of Robert Scoble (@Scobleizer). Maybe should get a mention in Mr. Scobles the most influential in Tech Daily?

Klout thinks Fluffy Links Influence Robert Scoble - Dream on

Klout claims to measure influence by analysing data from Twitter and other Social Networks. It then assigns a “Klout score” which some people claim is social medias equivalent to Googles Page Rank. The question is, how Legit is Klout score?

To us, Klout score is a bit of fun. An example of gamification around ones ego, with no real intrinsic value (just yet). Needless to say, savvy marketers already know social media is not a numbers game.

Ashton v CNN Redux Klout Score

Fluffy Links is many things but an influencer of Super Blogger Robert Scoble (ex Microsoft SpokesBlogger) it certainly is not. For a start, Mr. Scoble didn’t even follow Fluffy Links on Twitter, well not until Kloutgate. This has to raise questions about the credibility of Klouts score and rating algorithm.

In reality, Fluffy Links is nothing more than a little gold fish in a large digital sea to Mr Scoble. Nevertheless, like all good egos, ours demanded we announce our new found influence on Twitter and the Twitterverse kindly responded. Here is the Twitter conversation that followed:

#Klout reckons is an influencer of @ Another reason not to trust or value Klout #social #gamification #tech
Creative Slave
@ I figured if @ said you are influencing me I should follow you!
Robert Scoble
@ Ha 🙂 emm I think @ will soon place a heavy penalty on Fluffy Links for being naughty 🙂 What do you think of Klout?
Creative Slave
@ @ is a number that is more fun to look at than number of followers.
Robert Scoble
@ @ true however I just don't believe social media is a numbers game. It's far more fluffy than that. Thoughts? #social
Creative Slave

Some Interesting Twitter comments

David Berkowitz (@dberkowitz)

New York, NY
Sr Dir Emerging Media & Innovation w/agency @360i
@ really interesting, and telling about Klout - great going w/it, and a fitting reminder why my colleagues remain skeptical
David Berkowitz


Klout Cartoon


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6 Responses to “According to Klout Score Fluffy Links Influences Super Blogger Robert Scoble”

  1. On June 26, 2011 at 8:35 am Frank Mullens responded with... #

    Your post hits the nail on the head. However, I caution against drawing too immediate a conclusion.

    Klout and similar attempts at measuring online social influence are in their infancy.

    Similar to first impressions, an online social influence assessment only provides a partial picture. Not a total evaluation of whom or what the person or entity is all about.

    The algorithms will continually be refined and enhanced. This is only the beginning.

    Along the way, some may be pleasantly surprised, while others do not get the recognition deserved.

    My concern is how the measurements or scores will influence business decisions and ultimately dollars possibly misspent rewarding the wrong factions of the Brand.

    • On June 26, 2011 at 10:59 am Creative Slave responded with... #

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for stoping by Fluffy Links. You make some good points.

      I agree socia influence is in its infancy. I’m not convinced services such as Klout actually add any real value other than encourage people to game the system. It also encourages internet addiction 🙂

      What are your thoughts on how these services will evolve?

      Creative Slave

      • On June 26, 2011 at 12:02 pm Frank Mullens responded with... #

        Not sure you can prevent gaming of any system.

        Unconvinced it encourages Internet addiction.

        Human nature finds a way to maximize return with smallest investment. The current state of the world economy bespeaks this hazard.

        Social measurement algorithms will evolve and become more accurate, but the numbers will still need to be viewed with skepticism.

        Haven’t seen a perfect system yet.


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