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Why Kindle owners are so smug

Kindle owners have every reason to be smug. After all, owning a Kindle gives the impression you actually read books. Kindle owners also look down on their tablet peasants who spend their days playing Angry Birds and watching mindless cat videos on youtube. They also piont to the fact, kindles have a months battery life and unlike iPads you can read from a Kindle in sunlight, making it the perfect holiday companion.

Smug Kindle Owners


I recently read Korea is spending 2.4 billion migrating all primary schools to digital textbooks and devices by 2015. With other countries likely to copy Korea, it’s no surprise then, that Kindle launched Kindle Textbook Rental allowing students save up to 80%. Another reason for Kindle to look smug.
Kindle cartoon
However competition in the e-reader market is heating up.  The sale of e-Readers are now outpacing tablets and new e-readers such as Nook (by Barnes & Noble) and Kobo want in on the action.
The Kobo really isn’t for anybody. It has the smallest bookstore, the laggiest menu system, the blurriest screen, and the worst battery life of the three via Business Insider comparison review
kindle, Kobo and Nook

kindle, Nook and kobo. Picture via

Kindle v Nook Touch Prize Fight comparison review

The Nook Touch is the best-looking e-reader on the market right now.

Not so smug looking now.

But wait, no prizes for guessing who wins the Nook versus Kindle comparison review on the smug Kindle owners blog.

Jeff Bezos answers the awkward iPad question

Fascinating insight in to how Jeff Bezos positions the Kindle.

Smug Kindle Owners

John Locke, a Kindle owner and insurance salesman from Kentucky has become the first self-published author to sell one million e-books for the Kindle electronic reader.

Self-published author John Locke joins Kindle's elite million-seller list

I think print books will become an experience, and ebooks a staple… John Locke

Not only are Kindle’s still the smug kings of the ebook world, so too are their smug owners.

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