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KIA’s new global brand campaign

This marketing campaign is part of KIA’s new strategy. This new global brand campaign is called “Inspired by What You Like. Kia, the Power to Surprise,” the three-phase movement is set to invade Facebook beginning this month and gets everyone involved in Kia’s core beliefs – Challenger, Human-driven, and Spirited. Here are some behind the scenes shots from KIA’s new brand campaign.

Apparently, KIA has a secret agency at its headquarters (maybe thats where they hide the good cars). It’s called “Like Lab” – a Facebook App based social movie that allows you to interact with the story. Agents here study your various Facebook “likes” (yes a bit creepy but it’s ok) to create the best designs for their cars. The concept is not original yet this campaign is well executed, except for the ending which lacks a compelling follow-up call action – Now try it out.

 kia Facebook Like Lab

We also think KIA should have invested as much time in the script and key messages they wanted to communicate as they did casting such as a hot agent (very hot). Тhе mоrе entertaining and relevant уоu саn mаkе уоur interactive social movie thе greater thе likelihood іs thаt уоu’ll find mоrе fans аnd mоrе people thаt love whаt уоu dо and want to share it with others.

Interactive social movies are a creative way of connecting in a personal way with your audience — well that is until the Facebook privacy police have their way. Either way we’re still waiting for a big brand to really create something meaningful in this space. KIA’s attempt is no better or worse than anything we’ve seen to date. Our favourite interactive social campaign to date is Intel’s Facebook ‘Museum of Me’ campaign. Oh, lets not forget this creepy German social stalker movie.

kia Facebook Campaign Like lab

Here’s the New KIA TV ad, the music which was specifically created for use in the advert by a composer called Chul Shin.

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