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Those K-Swiss marketing team have hired one badass CEO

(this viral / ad was created by 72andSunny)

Kenny Powers is the new the CEO of K-Swiss and he has started running things his way. Kenny hasn’t just signed the badest athletes, he’s hired them to help him run the company. He also plans to un-suck sports and make marketing that touches his audience deep inside. Kenny is indeed a true fluffy.

K-Swiss TubesBuy K-swiss Tubes

There’s no denying that this advertising campaign by sneaker company K-Swiss has captured the attention of the sports marketing world:

“We want people to thinking about our brand in a different way,” Kyle said. “Some people see us as that company that makes conservative, white tennis shoes and some of the kids today don’t even know that much. Here’s their wake-up call. This is who we are now. This is the new product we’re making. And here’s a story to tell you about it.” Chris Kyle, K-Swiss Vice President of Marketing

Analysts (people who count how many tubes or sneakers K-Swiss will sell) are skeptical of this marketing campaign and believe K-Swiss are wasting precious marketing money.

@ I think if they put as much thought into their butt-ugly shoes they might have something worthwhile to sell.
James Morrison

If anything, K-Swiss should have hired Office Line Backer Terry Tate (from the 2003 Superbowl) as CEO and not Kenny Powers (AKA Danny McBride).

This Reebok advertising campaign created by Rawson Marshall Thurber,  the same guy who wrote and directed Dodgeball, is regarded as one of the best advertising campaigns in Superbowl history.

Terry Tate kicks Kenny Powers ass, all day everyday.

Watch out Kenny “The pain train’s comin”

@ I just love that campaign... So funny!
Thomas Moradpour
@ I think the campaign dilutes and cheapens the brand. It's a gimmick that moves them into the same league as Sketchers.
Chris Kaufman

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