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Joe Fernandez CEO of Klout explains Klout Moments

Klout is a controversial San Fran based company that provides social media analytics to measure a user’s influence across ones social network. It’s controversial because many critics believe it’s not possible to measure influence and it encourages gamification. In this video the CEO of Klout Joe Fernandez, talks about their latest innovation “Klout Moments” and what the future holds for Klout.

Klout Moments Explained

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Fancy boosting your Klout Score?

Joe’s motto for a high Klout score is:

Tweet more but tweet smarter

While previously we have been a little indifferent towards Klout Score, we now believe they have stumbled upon something really interesting with Klout Moments. Klout defines a “moment” as your most influential piece of content. This appears to be based on how many people shared the content as well as the Klout score of the sharers. In our opnion this Klout adds a layer of transparency.

Klout moments

Klout Moments


Previously we caught up with Megan Berry Klout’s former Marketing Manager.


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