Social Media Marketing

How Social Media can assist you in becoming an amazing mind reader

Watch how Social Media can assist you in becoming a very successful clairvoyant.

In this campaign, Febelfin (the Belgian federation for the financial sector), used top notch hackers in real time to make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online. And by doing so, urged everybody to be vigilant. Because Internet fraudsters can use all this information to your disadvantage. Duval Guillaume Modem

What data do you have online which would assist this clairvoyant read your mind? Remember to take care when using social media or banking online.

On a more serious note what is the deal with all these great Belgian campaigns recently? Duval Guillaume Modem, are the brains behind this excellent experiential marketing campaign. Duval Guillaume Modem were also responsible for the sensational guerilla marketing campaign Push To Add Drama video along with the very hot Kelly Brooke cinema experience and the not so hot Hairy Bikers Cinema Experience.

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