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Facebook Messages from Beyond the Grave

Ever pause to think what you will leave behind once you‘ve shed that mortal coil? Well, rather than leaving your iPod and the manifestations of your bad taste in music to some poor soul, why not leave a personal video message for your close friends on your Facebook wall? The good news is, if you have ever had that morbid thought, there’s an app for that.

The IF I Die Facebook App lets people leave Facebook messages for friends and family that are automatically published in the event of their death. First you need to install the app on Facebook, then create a video message and finally nominate three trustees (three trusted friends provided you have any). When all three trustees confirm your death, your message will get published on your Facebook wall.

If I Die Facebook App. What will you leave behind?

Since nobody thinks they will die anytime soon, the company ( behind this app had to remind people that death can catch them anywhere, anytime, and that they’d better leave a message before it was too late. This was achieved through the innovative use of location based services on mobile. Participants are tracked now via Facebook Places, once the participant is located death calls them and even tweets the recording. “Death can catch you anywhere” and names their current location. Creepy and Clever.

This excellent low budget campaign was created by Mizbala (@Mizbala) in Israel.

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