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Stay hungry, stay foolish – Steve Jobs at his inspirational best

Steve Jobs needs no introduction but for those who live on planet Pluto he is chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios. Fewer, will probably know the latter. He is possibly the greatest business leader of our generation, certainly one of the greatest presenters. His charisma and his ability to create reality distortion fields is legendary.

These days not everyone loves Apple, and the man is no longer the cult figure he once was. However in 2005, Steve Jobs gave a real heartfelt speech at a Stanford University Commencement Address. He talked about the pivotal points in his life (dropping out of college, getting sacked from Apple, and his brush with pancreatic cancer) and urged graduates to pursue their dreams.

It’s clear that Steve Jobs sets extremely high goals for himself, but his last comment stay hungry, stay foolish sums up his attitude and philosophy toward life and business. I just wish I’d seen this 10 years ago.


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