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Meet Vicky Truong Hootsuite’s Top Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong

Vicky Truong (@HootVicky) is a Social Media Coach who wears several hats at HootSuite. Coaching webinars is one of Vick’s ongoing initiatives where she teaches HootSuite users how to make the most of their social media efforts using HootSuite. Her experience ranges from social media to experiential marketing and brand strategy development.

HootSuite is a social media management system with over 5 million users. It helps to collaboratively execute marketing campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard.

What is the role of a Social Media Coach?

As a Social Media Coach my objective is to help users maximize their social media efforts using the powerful tools available in HootSuite. Aside from being easy going, extroverted and vibrant – you really have to know your stuff and be informative.

Describe a typical day in Hootsuite?

This place is like a labyrinth filled with busy people! A regular day involves webinars, meetings, phone calls and demos. But I make sure to make time and visit my favorite little guy in the office, @montypug.

What does the future hold for HootSuite?

#worlddomination? In all seriousness, the HootSuite plan hasn’t changed since hitting 5 million users. We just want to continue to grow internationally and ensure that no matter where someone is on the planet, HootSuite is the best tool they can use to manage their social media experience. And I’ll be there to help them along the way.

What does the future hold Social Media?

Social media is constantly changing, as HootSuite’s ever-expanding App Directory can attest. We’ve now managed to integrate over 35 apps into our dashboard, with many more to come. Each year new social media tools and networks will emerge and HootSuite will look for ways to include them in our dashboard.

Sources of inspiration in Social Media?

I am a huge fan of @garyvee, the co-founder of social media brand consulting agency VaynerMedia.

And on my own time I also like to stare into the eyes of Pete Cashmore for inspiration.

Which Mad Men character are you closest to?

I once played the Mad Men personality game and the result came out to be Betty Draper.

Meet @ Hootsuite's Top Social Media Coach & my best friend since grade 2!! So proud of u!!xo via @
Ghazala Knight

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