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Hillman Curtis: Being the best is not enough

Hillman Curtis Filmmaker and DesignerHillman Curtis is a multi award winning American interactive designer. Known to many as the rock star of web design, he’s refreshingly open about the reality of commercial art and the challenges of running a design business. IDN Magazine put him in their top ten most wanted list while Create Online described him as one of the world’s best Flash designers.

With no formal design school training Hillman decided to enter the world of design and new media after a gig as a guitarist and song writer for the band The Stells. Like all over achievers it didn’t take him long to become a major player in the design world. After a period as Art Director with Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) he setup his New York based agency Hillman Curtis Inc. in the late 90s. The agency now has a client list to die for, but it remains a small agency with approx. 10-12 designers. If you hire Hillman Curtis Inc. you hire the man himself. He has also worked on some really great collaboration projects with the likes of Craig Frazier and Stefan Sagmeister and the Artist Series.

Hillman Curtis Book CoverHillman has written a number of must read design books such as MTIV and Creating Short Films for the Web. Hillman lectures extensively on design and film related subjects throughout Europe, Asia and the USA.

However not everything he has touched has turned to gold. He made his peace with the music industry after leaving the band the The Stells and some music video projects which did not go as planned. And let’s not remind him of the the two years he spent redesigning the Yahoo homepage.

However becoming one of the most recognised and talented Interactive designers in the world isn’t enough for the man. He now wants to focus on filmmaking in an attempt to balance his current commercial art requirements with something more meaningful. His love of film developed around 2005 when he specialised on creating short web films and interactive video pieces. Hillmans past experience of song writing and love of literature comes through in the narrative of his script writing. The short films he create contain striking visuals and reflect the unique and emotional design style he displayed in his earlier work.

Changing jobs is meant to be one of the most stressful events in a persons life. If this is true, then being a filmmaker, designer, author, and musician; Hillman Curtis should have had a least three nervous breakdowns. Luckily this has not been the case (well not that we know of). Based on the work he has produced to date and given his talent don’t be surprised if in the coming years Hillman becomes a major player in the film industry. You can follow his progress on Twitter @hillmancurtis

Hillman Curtis New York

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