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Follow The White Rabbit

SyFy wanted to draw attention to their four-hour reproduction of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. Inorder to do this Syfy and Fallon came up with a massive campaign urging people to ‘follow the white rabbit’ as research showed that the white rabbit is the most iconic character people recall from the book. This campaign was recognized as the  Best Viral Marketing Campaign at the PRO Awards 2010.

They did everything from street projection, to dressing people up as white rabbits and parading them around the streets of Manhattan. Syfy also used Social media sites such as Twitter and placed rich media banners on prominent websites — the white rabbit jumped out of the banners, ran across the page and down a digital rabbit hole in search of Alice, where users were beckoned to follow.

A quote from the PRO Awards 2010 said:

“In the end, the Alice premiere beat ratings expectations and historical benchmarks in key demos and markets. It became the highest rated and most watched Sunday night on Syfy since 2007, with a total of 3 million viewers. Over 650,000 visits were made to the faux microsites, with 1.4 million clicks through to” PRO Awards 2010

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