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Help Accountants Facebook at Work

Diesel, as part of their “Be Stupid at work” campaign, have come up with a way to use Facebook at work without your boss noticing. To your boss, it will appear as if you’re deep diving and doing some serious number crunching. While, you’re probably chatting on Facebook or poking someone in the next cubicle. The application is called Excellbook and it makes your Facebook profile look and function like a spreadsheet. Sneaky and clever.

Most of us fluffy marketers can spend all day on Facebook playing Farmville in the name of research, so we will probably never need Excellbook. However, some of our friends are less fortunate. Some are stuck in boring, meaningless jobs with no future. They may even have to wear suits on a Friday and work on a PC’s.

Please reach out to your accountant Facebook friends, by sharing this application with them. The really cruel thing is, they probably won’t even be able to install Excellbook due to firewall restrictions anyway. Oh well, if they weren’t so stupid they could have become a fluffy. We’re not so stupid now huh?

Download Excellbook here (MAC and PC ):

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