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Edenspiekermann: Responsive in nature

Edenspiekermann Advertising Agency
Set up in 2009 when Spiekermann Partners and Eden decided to make a merge, Edenspiekermann, perhaps,not the most original or creative name it has to be said is now one of the most sought after agencies for strategy, design and communication in Northwestern Europe. The design agency currently has 60 employees scattered among offices in Amsterdam, Berlin and Stuggart, handling clients from all over the world.

Apart from its internationally acclaimed projects, including the award-winning Hering Berlin and Utrecht City Theatre form which the agency received two Red Dot Awards, Edenspiekermann is known for its approach, which renders a mixture of elaborate and simple step-by step solutions in creating a complete experience. It starts out with conducting a client briefing followed by an analysis and creative debrief. Both of these are free of charge, but the following steps are a little less simple. The agency makes a pitch starting with a creative opening followed by a proposal. When the client accepts the proposal, the agency then proceeds with developing a design and application. The final step is the design management which is composed of two parts: manual and coaching.
Edenspiekermann Advertising Agency

Edenspeikermann’s team is composed of highly talented workforce from different walks of life and are led by one particular man who himself carries the longer part of the agency’s name. The 63-year-old Erik Spiekerman is a famous German typographer who used to work as a freelance designer in London during the 1970s, before moving back to Berlin where, together with two partners, established MetaDesign.

Now, after a year of operations, the agency has established itself with a reputation of creating the inventive responsive designs for its clients. Responsive designs are able to adjust to the width of the user’s screen – whether it’s an iPod, iPad, tablet or a netbook with 10-inch LCD screen – making a website or an application more user-friendly.

Responsive designs play a crucial role in Edenspiekermann’s effectiveness in shaping brands, identities and interactions. Some of the agency’s most recent projects include Carhartt Radio iPhone app, SoundPrism, WineStein App, and Eneco, a Dutch energy supplier.

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