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Creative Slave

Creative Slave

As the editor of Creative Resident, I will remain anonymous for the time being due to my fear of the hipster community. It also adds a little mystique to the site.

When not being anonymous I usually spend my time searching for inspirational & insightful creative marketing content. I’ve developed a highly advanced artificially enhanced intelligently human system for finding the best content — I hand-pick every piece of content on the site.

You could describe me as someone with impeccable taste who has turned his back on the marketing hipster community. After gaining over 10 years experience working as a marketing slave, I’ve decided to give something back. Expect some attitude.

My aim is to provide you with an insightful and sometimes entertaining take on the state of creative marketing & advertising worldwide. In other words we have a bucket load of cool ideas which we think are pretty cool.

Like all good slaves, this one doesn’t get paid and always obeys his master.

Learn more about Creative Resident.

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