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Viral Marketing Kings Buds Rhett and Link

Stanley Kubrick was right. True creativity will come from individuals with a camera and a computer rather than Hollywood. Local advertising & viral marketing kings Buds Rhett and Link, have come up with something of pure creative genius. Watch who turns up at 1:14.

It’s just Chuck Testa!

If it looks alive, it’s not, it’s Chuck Testa. If there’s a bear in your bed, it’s not a bear, it’s Chuck Testa.

For those of you living under a rock, Chuck Testa is a taxidermist from Ojai Valley, California. Like many businesses, Chucks business has suffered due to the recession. In an attempt to boost business he decided to create a low budget marketing video to promote his taxidermy business.

The video went viral when it was uploaded to Reddit in a thread titled “This is probably the funniest low-budget commercial I have ever seen,”. Chuck Testa i now an Internet legend and his local TV spot turned into a full-fledged meme.

It’s one thing to create a hilarious video which goes viral on the internet. It’s a whole different ball game to create effective viral videos which drive local business. But for all the buzz Chuck Testa’s business is still struggling. Chuck needs to act fast to capitalise on his 15 minutes of fame.

Here’s another example of creative local advertising by Buds Rhett and Link. Yes, these ads are real.

This is why Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet!

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