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Turn your Instagram photos into magnets

StickyGram turns Instagram photos in to magnets

A new startup called StickyGram is offering a personalised printing service that turns your Instagram images into cool little magnets.

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Bring your old photos to life in 3D

Old photos brought to life in 3D

This is actually pretty cool.

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Generate creative ideas with this tool

The advertising concept & ideas whell

It’s Friday morning, you have a hangover from hell, your brain is still at home in bed and you feel about as creative as an accountant in a grey suit.

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29 easy ways to stay creative

Creative blocks

It’s not easy wearing purple runners and being creative. It’s even more difficult staying creative.

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How to hide secret messages in audio files

Secret Audio Message

Thanks to this Life Hacker video you can now go and create your own Dark Night “The Fire Rises” viral campaign.

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When to Tweet or not to Tweet

science of social timing part

Those pesky marketing community managers now know when best to interrupt your social browsing, at least that’s if you live in America. Don’t worry, they’re coming for you too!

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A Round-Up of Marketing News


8 out of 10 experienced Twitter users believe answers on Twitter are…

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