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A Digital Strategy Toolbox: Check out the best FREE digital marketing tools

digital strategy

Traditional planners & marketers the world over are trying to identify the best digital marketing tools to work with, when it comes to developing new digital strategies. The Internet is saturated with millions of tools and new ones seem to pop up everyday. This presentation showcases the best free digital marketing tools out there while […]

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What it takes to become an advertising copywriter


Lawson Clarke AKA Male Copywriter was named one of Top Five Ad Agency Twitter Accounts To Follow by Digiday. A couple of weeks back we interviewed Male Copywriter about his life in advertising. We now follow this up with his unique insight on how to make it as a copywriter, and while keeping your cloths on. Advertising is a […]

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Net Promoter Score Explained in 32 Seconds

Net Promoter Score the Ultimate Question

Philips have come up with an animation which sums up Net Promotor Score in 32 seconds. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a black art which allows companies achieve profitable growth by focusing on their customers and maintaining their loyalty. If you’re not familiar with NPS, it’s based on asking customers this question: How likely are you […]

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How Nike’s Marketing Revolution has resulted in a 40% reduction in TV and Print Advertising in the U.S.


Nike is the world’s largest sports company, 30% bigger than nearest rivals Adidas. Scott Cendrowski has scribed an insightful article on CNN parchment exploring “How the legendary brand blew up its single-slogan approach and drafted a new playbook for the digital era. We’ve taken a close look at the article, picked out what we think are the […]

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Learn how a struggling bookstore used a viral video to save their business


Yes believe it or not some bookstores still exist. In one last attempt to boost business and market their retail TYPE Bookstore which is based in Toronto, owner Joanne Saul created an emotional marketing video using stop-motion titled “Joy of Books“. ‘We have to do something other than retail,’ she said. ‘I think what makes the difference is making ourselves important to our community, because […]

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Extra strong product branding from Heinz

awesome heinz garlic sauce newspaper print ad

This creative press ad from Heinz appeared in a Dutch newspaper in the personal Ad section. This is a creative way to communicate the products key USP as it’s tagline is “Extra strong garlic sauce”. The end result is a very effective and strong brand piece. No need to tell you that Garlic Sause gives you […]

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How Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants can help your Business

Tina Fey Bossy Pants

You might ask what Tina Fey’s (lead writer on Saturday Night Live) new book “Bossypants“ has to do with creative marketing. In marketing and comedy, timing is everything. Humorous ads always thump boring ads and a creative communication always results in stronger recall. Besides, we often don’t give comedians enough credit for their marketing & business smarts. […]

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How brands can maximise Facebook Edgerank

Christel Quek Social Media Strategist

Hi fellow fluffyheads! I’m Christel, and you can tweet me at @ladyxtel on Twitter. I’m currently a Social Media Strategist at Havas Media, and I’m based in Asia – you can read more on what I’ve written/done on my site here. I am excited by fluffy topics like strategy, digital influence marketing, Guinness, and Content […]

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Stop (motion) the Wedding!

Marina and Andy's Stop Motion Wedding

Marina + Andy’s stop motion wedding video is reason enough to consider getting married, even to a molecular biologist. Unlike wedding videos, stop motion has always been the cool kid on the video-making block. Now there’s no reason to bore your friends with another drab wedding video. If you want a magical stop motion wedding […]

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Is Summify the answer to information overload and Twitter fatigue?


Social networks such as Twitter are creating a world where information overload is becoming a real problem. Finding relevant content is now a real challenge. This problem of information overload led Mircea Paşoi (@mirceapasoi) and Cristian Strat (@cgst) to establish Summify. Summify weeds out relevant and interesting information from your social networks. Its algorithm selects the top five […]

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