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Watch what happens when augmented reality meets a bus shelter.

Pepsi Unbelievable Bus Shelter

This marketing campaign is not for the faint hearted, but then needed is Pepsi Max This marketing video needs no introduction just watch it. Nice work by AMV BBDO (who also did the recent Guinness campaign the “Sapeurs“).

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Check out this public fridge full of beer only Canadian passports can open

molson marketing campaign beer fridge

To celebrate Canada Day, the beer producer placed large red fridges filled with ice cold bottles of Molson Canadian in public locations around European countries. Confused passersby who tried to open the fridge were told scan their Canadian passport because only those with Canadian citizenship were able to open the fridge. Once opened locals could sample the […]

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Super Clever Superman Advertising

man of steel elevator advertising art

A Little creativity can transform a boring lift into a clever communications channel. Very Clever. For other creative elevator advertising examples, check out these collections - Creative Elevator Advertisements or more here  

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The ultimate app for sharing everything!


Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that could share everything? Now that app is here & it’s called t’s called Jotly. No really it is here! “Parody App Goes Live In iTunes” – Yes another pesky marketing stunt. Why have lots of apps when you could have just one, that let’s you rate […]

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Dramatic guerilla marketing makes Belgium seem exciting


Communications agency Duval Guillaume Modem have come up with one of the most creatively relevant guerilla marketing stunts we have seen. Here’s the deal, a mysterious big red button with a sign saying “Push to add drama” was placed on an average Flemish square of an average boring Belgium town. The reason we like it so much […]

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ABSOLUT Bus Shelter Marketing Masterpiece

ABSOLUT Purity bus shelter

ABSOLUT know their target audience and a bus shelter is a great media choice given its strong relationship with loyal Vodka consumers. This creative ad is a part of ABSOLUT’s ongoing marketing campaign on the subject of purity. Why purity? well, every drop of ABSOLUT comes from one pure source, the village of Ahus in the south of Sweden. ABSOLUT […]

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Hairy Guerrilla Marketing Campaign


Hot in the heels of the very hot Kelly Brooke cinema experience, Carlsberg have created another great guerrilla marketing campaign. Only this time, picture a cinema full of unfriendly looking hairy-very hairy-bikers instead of the not as hairy Kelly Brooke. This marketing stunt only took place last week and it has already generated over 1.5 million YouTube views. I’m […]

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T-mobile unleashes the Chatroulette piano guy

T-Mobile have come up with a new camapaign where it has hooked up with Merton, better known as the chatroulette piano guy. Merton rose to fame on chatroulette the video chat site, by composing improvisational songs on his piano about the people he encountered there. The T-mobile campaign is based in Gatwick airport and features […]

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Noah Kalina takes a photo of himself everyday

Noah Kalina and Paris Hilton

This is a very clever example of using viral marketing for self promotion & branding. Noah Kalina is a talented photographer who takes a photo of himself everyday — and you thought Howard Hughes was obsessive. However, this is actually pretty moving as you visibly see him age over time. The video has nearly clocked […]

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