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Thumb Arcade on Mobile Gaming and why Apple and iTunes are like the Gold Rush


Thumb Arcade claim they are the the mobile gaming and app equivalent of gravity. They believe the future of mobility is being constructed today and they’ve got their finger, er thumbs, on the pulse.

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Lazy Tesco shoppers meet mobile commerce in a Korean Subway

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Tesco HomePlus created virtual stores in subway stations hoping to blend into people’s everyday live.

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Long Version: Social Media Revolution 3


Looks like this social media lark is catching on.

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New research shows… wait for it!

HubSpot Making Friends on Social Networks

The suspense builds… you’ll just have to click “read more” to find out!

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Who are Microsoft Targeting with their Vision 2019?


When I first watched the video of Microsoft’s Vision 2019 on Youtube, the first thing that came to mind was “Great! Now what can Apple do to top that?”

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2010 Twitter Trends

Is Twitter the lowest form of conversation? Well the most popular hashtag of 2010 is #rememberwhen and anyone who watches the Sopranos will know exactly what Tony Soprano thinks of that specific hashtag.

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