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Growth Hacking – The Scrappy Guide to Marketing

Kieran Flanagan EMEA Marketing Director at Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan (@hsearchbrat) is a scrappy EMEA Marketing Director with Hubspot who doesn’t believe that best practise is the only way to deliver online results. Kieran is a self-proclaimed data crack addict and he is part of a new tribe of cool kids who call themselves growth hackers. Members of this tribe focus on discovering […]

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Amazing Google Glass Healthcare Concept

google glass healthcare concept

This is one of the first Google Glass content marketing concepts we’ve seen for the healthcare sector. First seen here

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The future of stadium sport with Google Glass

google glass and the future of stadium sport

Ok, we were a little skeptical of Google Glass to say the least; well that was until watched this conceptual marketing video. Now our world has shifted on its axis and we plan breaking in to the Google offices to get our hands on some Google Glass! Watch this video and prepare to drool, when […]

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Is this the future for Web Video & Online Advertising?

The future of online advertising

The first TV Ads were really nothing more than glorified Radio Ads. So, it’s not that surprising then, that most web video advertising today is nothing more than gloried repackaged TV spots. This new web video ad from McDonalds, which has over 8 million views, points in our opinion towards the future of online video advertising. Web video needs to […]

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Google Keep – Axing Their Competitors

Google Keep

Google has officially got its axe out for Evernote, with the introduction of Google Keep. Isn’t “Keep” an odd word. The more I look at it, the more I think I’ve made it up in my head. Okay that is probably just me. Given the dramatic increase in the quality of Google products since Larry Page has become CEO we believe Google Keep […]

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2013 Top Digital Trends & Predictions

digital predictions 2013

Uber creative agency Soap booted up their machine and this is what came out. They predict next-gen of crowd-funding, eCommerce 2.0, connected objects, big data and gamification to second screens and mobile gaming. This is well worth a read if you have digital blood pumping through your veins. Digital Predictions 2013 from Soap Creative & first seen here […]

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The future of digital displays (and window cleaning)

A day of glass 2: future displays

A couple of weeks ago we got a little tingly after seeing Samsung’s latest digital display. Now high-tech Gorilla Glass company Corning Incorporated has come up with a sequel to the biggest corporate design-fiction hit to date “A Day of Glass“. They have originally titled the sequel, which takes another futuristic look at glass technology and touch screen interfaces “A Day of Glass 2“. One thing […]

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Is this the future of books?

augmented reality books

We’ve seen many augmented reality marketing campaigns promoting brands such as National Geographic. However this augmented reality poetry book experiment by Amaranth Borsuk provides a glimpse of what the future might hold for interactive storytelling. Of course, that’s assuming people can still read in the future. First seen on Between Page And Screen

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Samsung brings a whole new meaning to window shopping


Samsung have possibly taken window shopping to a new level with this interactive transparent LCD window. This new “Smart Window” was demo’d this week at the CES 2012. It is expected to hit mass production in 2012 and if it does, it will open up a whole new world of marketing & peeping tom opportunities. But be […]

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Thumb Arcade on Mobile Gaming and why Apple and iTunes are like the Gold Rush


Thumb Arcade claim they are the mobile gaming and app equivalent of gravity. With this in mind Creative Slave decided to catch-up with the creative gaming geniuses of Thumb Arcade. “Game building is not linear, so don’t expect it to be. It’s creative” Thumb Arcade Thumb Arcade Interview Background What’s with the thumb? Player 01: The Thumb, or as we […]

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