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How Nike’s Marketing Revolution has resulted in a 40% reduction in TV and Print Advertising in the U.S.


Nike are quietly engineering a revolution in marketing. For a start, they have stopped creating crap and now design cool stuff.

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The secret to gaining market share in the toothbrush market


What do you do when there are no new product benefits? You invent one.

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Priceless Marketing Insights from Ryanair’s CEO Michael O’Leary

Michael O'Leary Ryanair CEO

Loved by Europe, yet hated by the EU. Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary gives a hilarious masterclass on airline innovation.

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Thumb Arcade on Mobile Gaming and why Apple and iTunes are like the Gold Rush


Thumb Arcade claim they are the the mobile gaming and app equivalent of gravity. They believe the future of mobility is being constructed today and they’ve got their finger, er thumbs, on the pulse.

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Why Kindle owners are so smug

Smug Kindle Owners

Competition in the e-reader market is getting intense. New ebook readers such as Nook and Kobo want in on the action.

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Can you handle the truth?


Awkward uncomfortable drink with the client anyone?

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Mark Twains litmus test for marketing & advertising success

Mark Twain

Whenever you are about to launch a new advertising campaign or viral ad, you now know how to test it. This changes marketing focus groups forever.

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Your Facebook friends are not your neighbours

Facebook friendships Cartoon

This study by Pew Internet & American Life Project (PDF), reveals only 2% of our Facebook friends are…

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When to Tweet or not to Tweet

science of social timing part

Those pesky marketing community managers now know when best to interrupt your social browsing, at least that’s if you live in America. Don’t worry, they’re coming for you too!

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How to deal with any stressful marketing or advertising problem

Marketing Problems

Worried that your boss doesn’t rate you, you can’t remember the difference between mission and vision, some clients think your creative work sucks…

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