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Growth Hacking – The Scrappy Guide to Marketing

Kieran Flanagan EMEA Marketing Director at Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan (@hsearchbrat) is a scrappy EMEA Marketing Director with Hubspot who doesn’t believe that best practise is the only way to deliver online results. Kieran is a self-proclaimed data crack addict and he is part of a new tribe of cool kids who call themselves growth hackers. Members of this tribe focus on discovering […]

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Why marketing to silly kids is a great way to success…

marketing to children

Children are one of the most desirable types of consumers for marketers. There is nothing surprising in this, since the market for children’s products is counted in billions of dollars. Why children are are a special group of customers? They are not interested just toys: Children buy some small items with their pocket money. Influence […]

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2013 Top Digital Trends & Predictions

digital predictions 2013

Uber creative agency Soap booted up their machine and this is what came out. They predict next-gen of crowd-funding, eCommerce 2.0, connected objects, big data and gamification to second screens and mobile gaming. This is well worth a read if you have digital blood pumping through your veins. Digital Predictions 2013 from Soap Creative & first seen here […]

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Discover how the science of Persuasion Marketing works

Persuasion Psychology

Researchers have been trying to figure out what makes us humans say “yes” for over 60 years. This interesting video by Dr Robert Cialdini describes a set of psychological triggers we all find hard to resist. When 90% of advertising doesn’t work, we believe marketing & advertising teams need to spend less time drinking Martini’s and a […]

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The Perfect Facebook Life

The perfect Facebook life

Facebook is a curated world where all relationships are perfect, every weekend is better than the next, your enemies are your biggest fans and food porn is a celebrated fetish. Who would have thought all those years back that the shoe like phone could one day become our most intimate companion? Last thing at night we flirt with the alarm, gaze […]

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Life as a Copywriter

Samantha Gluck

Samantha Gluck owns All Media Freelance, LLC, where she works as a freelance journalist and copywriter. You can find Gluck’s work in numerous print and digital publications around the US, including the prestigious Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post, Balanced Living Magazine,, and many more. Read more about her by visiting her LinkedIn profile or chat […]

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Marketing & Advertising People versus Normal People on Social Media

Social Media Trends

I think this might come as a shock to some marketing & ad people – normal people have lives. Unsurprisingly, the survey also revealed that ad professionals just like those Mad Men stereotypes tend to engage in more bad behavior at office parties. First seen here

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The Marketers Video Guide to Pinterest

pinterest-cover-story (1)

A couple months back we gave you 8 reasons to use Pinterest, then we showed you one the best Pinterest marketing campaigns we have seen so far, now we give you the stats. Pinterest is quickly becoming the fastest-growing social media site based on its huge popularity with women, as well as its unlimited potential as a marketing […]

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Net Promoter Score Explained in 32 Seconds

Net Promoter Score the Ultimate Question

Philips have come up with an animation which sums up Net Promotor Score in 32 seconds. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a black art which allows companies achieve profitable growth by focusing on their customers and maintaining their loyalty. If you’re not familiar with NPS, it’s based on asking customers this question: How likely are you […]

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Why 90% of advertising doesn’t work!


Banksy the maverick graffiti artist from England lashes out at ‘The Advertisers’, who, ‘laugh at you’, ‘make you feel small’, make ‘your girlfriend feel inadequate’… “They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small … They are ‘The Advertisers’ and they are laughing at you.” I guess no wonder 90% of advertising doesn’t work… Source Dave Trott […]

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