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Is this Samsung’s worst marketing mess up of all time?

samsung awful advertising

Samsung s new campaign is getting slammed across the Internet for bering Misogynistic, racist and patronising. Watch it here!

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Unfortunately This Is How Most Marketing Works

This is how must marketing works

People love to hate marketing and this is the reason why…

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Is Nokia’s HumanForm iPhone killer?, Not quite


Welcome to the future, where you just stand there and look at pictures of rocks with your dildo.

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Tesco lose touch with reality


Tesco need to get a grip on reality as we’re not convinced by this marketing stunt.

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Has GAME lost touch with reality?


This is one of the worst pre-launch campaigns we have seen.

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Banned Hyundai Ad “Death” is shocking


Not for the faint hearted!

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Mattress Mick is not crazy. He’s just mad.


Mattress Mick is not just a good dancer, he’s Ireland’s best professional king size mattress salesman.

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Greatest animated tattoo ever – unless you go to prison

Karl Marc Animated QR Code Tattoo

We don’t think this QR code Tattoo will do him any favours in prison.

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Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo is a Thai cook book with an unfortunate name.

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Is the Planet Of The Apes marketing viral a little racist?

Planet of the Apes Viral Movie

This viral gives a new meaning to the phrase Guerilla Marketing.

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