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Is this Samsung’s worst marketing mess up of all time?

samsung awful advertising

Samsung have created some cool challenger ads recently taking on Apple where it hurts. However this morning the fluffy marketing executives at Apple are probably sitting back having a good old laugh at Samsung’s latest advertising campaign. Samsung’s new campaign is getting slammed across the Internet for being misogynistic, racist and patronising (yes it is […]

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Unfortunately This Is How Most Marketing Works

This is how must marketing works

People love to hate marketing and this is the reason why… There’s nothing wrong with marketing, the problem is that so much of it sucks. In our opinion it’s time to listen to marketers such as Scott Stratten and start start unmarketing!   First seen here

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Is Nokia’s HumanForm iPhone killer?, Not quite


Nokia describe the HumanForm as a visionary new concept beyond touchscreen and voice communication, where technology becomes invisible and intuition takes over. The HumanForm phone sets a new standard which will challenge our perceptions of mobile user experience forever. English Translation: Nokia has decided to compete with the iPhone. I just don’t see this ever earning “The Jesus […]

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Tesco lose touch with reality


Tesco is in the midst of a huge “Big Price Drop” campaign and one of the new elements they’ve rolled out is the use of Blippar’s Image Rec0gnition / Augmented Reality technology to bring their ads to life via iPhones, iPads and all sorts of Android devices. DigitalBuzz So dazzled were the marketers by the augmented reality technology and magic […]

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Has GAME lost touch with reality?


What were the marketing people at Ubisoft and GAME thinking when they decided to create and launch this iPad based Augmented Reality game? The clunky gameplay delivers a terrible gaming experience. This is possibly one of the worst pre-launch campaigns we have seen. There’s many great examples of how to use Augmented Reality effectively in marketing. Sadly, […]

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Banned Hyundai Ad “Death” is shocking


We know this is probably a PR stunt by Hyundai given the fact they have approved the ad for online viewing. However trust Dutch advertising agency Fitzroy to come up with this unusual advertising insight around safety for the new Hyundai Veloster. Not fluffy and not for the faint hearted! First seen on Adverblog Maybe Hyundai could here […]

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Mattress Mick is not crazy. He’s just mad.


He just offers crazy prices. The lighting/sound/script budget remained under Mick’s mattress. The rest went on pies via Mattress Mick is Ireland’s best professional king size mattress salesman. The mattress business in Ireland is booming since they took over from the banks. Only mattress marketing geniuses like Mick can survive in such a tough market. Mattress Mick, […]

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Greatest animated tattoo ever – unless you go to prison

Karl Marc Animated QR Code Tattoo

This is part of Ballantines’ Human API project and their “Leave an Impression” promotion. Watch Karl Marc, as he tattoo’s a skinny dude with a waxed chest. This guy is obviously willing to do anything to get his hands on some of Ballantines marketing dollars. I guess waxing isn’t that cheep these day. By placing an iphone over the tattoo […]

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Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo

It’s no mistake. Cooking with Poo is fast becoming one of the best things to do in Bangkok for tourists and locals alike. Now the trend is coming to Australia. Cooking with Poo is a Thai cook book with an unfortunate name. I hope they remember to wear gloves!

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Is the Planet Of The Apes marketing viral a little racist?

Planet of the Apes Viral Movie

The new Planet Of The Apes film is due for release on August 5 2011. This viral “Ape With AK-47” has already received over three million views on YouTube and gives a new meaning to the phrase Guerilla Marketing. But, have the marketing execs at 20th Century Fox gone a little too far with this viral marketing […]

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