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Meet Brandon Carter the Marketing Manager at Content Recommendation Engine Outbrain

Brandon Carter Outbrain

We recently caught up with Brandon Carter (@sleepchant) who is the Marketing Manager at Outbrain, a content recommendation engine. Before joining Outbrain, he was a Business Analyst and Licensing Coordinator for entertainment brands Peanuts and Sesame Street, respectively. He holds a B.A. in English from Williams College and lives in Brooklyn, NY. Tell us about yourself and Outbrain? I’m […]

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Meet Vicky Truong Hootsuite’s Top Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong Social Media Coach

Vicky Truong (@HootVicky) is a Social Media Coach who wears several hats at HootSuite. Coaching webinars is one of Vick’s ongoing initiatives where she teaches HootSuite users how to make the most of their social media efforts using HootSuite. Her experience ranges from social media to experiential marketing and brand strategy development. HootSuite is a social media […]

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Meet Social Gaming Marketing Expert Oli Madgett of We R Interactive

Oli Madgett

We caught up with Oli Madgett of We R Interactive to learn how I AM PLAYR all started and what the future holds for branded content and social gaming. I AM PLAYR takes the dream of living the life of a professional footballer to the next level, a game which marries social gaming with big brands such as Nike and Alfa […]

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Meet Louise Dohn, a 26 year old Danish designer who is attracting a strong social following

Louise Dohn

Meet Louise Dohn (@LouiseDohn), a passionate 26-year-old Danish multimedia designer and social media expert. @LouiseDohn has already gained over 5000 twitter followers in less than a year. Check out her website & learn why Louise thinks E-Concept Development is the new hottest thing! What is your secret sauce for Twitter? I’m actually pretty new to Twitter, I’ve been […]

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Why we need to turn our backs on traditional, selfish advertising & embrace goodvertising

Thomas Kolster Goodvertising

Thomas Kolster, is the author of the up-and-coming book Goodvertising (Thames & Hudson) about how advertising can be a force for good. He’s an enthusiastic and awarded advertising creative, with more than 13 years experience and has worked for a diverse range of clients, from McDonalds to Amnesty International. Before founding his own agency, Inkognito, he […]

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Meet Social Media Powerhouse Christel Quek

Christel Quek Social Media Strategist

Christel Quek (@ladyxtel) currently works as a Global Social Marketing Manager at Havas Media, the 5th largest communications group worldwide and is based in Asia. She assures us she is addicted to fluffy topics like strategy, digital influence marketing, Guinness, and Content Curation. Tell us about Christel Quek? When I’m not working or reading / writing / doing research with […]

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What Google’s Hunter Walk learnt working at Second Life, Google & Youtube

Hunter Walk Interview

Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) focuses on YouTube as a platform for social good, activism and free expression. Hunter previously led consumer product management at YouTube, delivering billions of playbacks a day to the world’s largest video community. Something Weird? My mother is an artist and when I was a kid, we’d visit graveyards to make rubbings of […]

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Klout’s 4th Employee Megan Berry talks about life after Klout

Megan Berry Marketing

We caught up with Megan Berry who recently founded LiftFive in partnership with Lerer Ventures to build momentum around top startups. Megan was previously the fourth employee at Klout (now valued at $200 million), where she led marketing for two years and helped develop the Klout Perks program. Klout is a controvercial social media tool that claims to measure users’ […]

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What it takes to become an advertising copywriter


Lawson Clarke AKA Male Copywriter was named one of Top Five Ad Agency Twitter Accounts To Follow by Digiday. A couple of weeks back we interviewed Male Copywriter about his life in advertising. We now follow this up with his unique insight on how to make it as a copywriter, and while keeping your cloths on. Advertising is a […]

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Life as a Copywriter

Samantha Gluck

Samantha Gluck owns All Media Freelance, LLC, where she works as a freelance journalist and copywriter. You can find Gluck’s work in numerous print and digital publications around the US, including the prestigious Houston Chronicle, Huffington Post, Balanced Living Magazine,, and many more. Read more about her by visiting her LinkedIn profile or chat […]

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