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What’s my f*cking New Year’s resolution?

new years resolution

This is the actual title of a genius yet beautifully simple New Years campaign from from BBDO Denmark.

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The dotted line between Genius & Madness


Miguel Endara’s dotted masterpiece. Genius, inspiring or just plain obsessive?

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Product discounts don’t always have to be traditional, right?

BGH big nose integrated marketing campaign

The “Big Nose”, is an integrated marketing campaign offering 25% discounts to people with big noses. Only right too.

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The Genius Norte Facebook Photoblocker

Norte Facebook Photoblocker

Hey we all need our privacy on a sleazy night out right?

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Samsung secretly wishes it was a cool brand!

Cool Samsung Ad

We really love this new challenger brand ad from Samsung.

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Catvertising is the 2012 trend to watch


What can viral cat videos do for your marketing strategy?

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When Kinetic Typography Procrastinates. You can always watch this tomorrow.


You can always watch this tomorrow.

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Awkward Obama Book Moments

What Obama is reading

This photo was snapped in 2008 by Doug Mills of the New York Times.

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The Sexy Rules of Rugby


Lynx have created an easy-to-follow video explaining the basic rules for the game of rugby.

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The alarm clock that tweets back

Okite app tweeting alarm clock

We have a hunch this app is going to be popular amongst the S&M community.

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