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Wisdom is total perspective

Wisdom: The Greatest Gift One Generation Can Give to Another

Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up to work and get on with it.

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Rare Salvador Dalí Interview


Sit back and marvel at the Salvador Dalí’s remarkable curiosity

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Mark Zuckerberg likes his beer barefoot

Facebook celebration

It’s June 2005 and the 15 month-old social networking site is celebrating its three-millionth user with a keg of Heineken.

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AOL’s digital prophet David Shing even looks like Jebus

Jebus - A digital Prophet

Apparently he can beautify any website by leveraging the power of this hair.

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Copying is how we learn


Hunter S. Thompson re-typed The Great Gatsby just to get the feel of writing a great novel.

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Mark Twains litmus test for marketing & advertising success

Mark Twain

Whenever you are about to launch a new advertising campaign or viral ad, you now know how to test it. This changes marketing focus groups forever.

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Seth Godin: Getting the simple things right

Godin’s overarching theme is simple: Companies can no longer rely on mass-media advertising to sell average products to average consumers. Instead, they must

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Erik Spiekermann: Typography and life

Erik Spiekermann is a famous German typomaniac. Typography has been his life — he even refuses to read unless he can identify the font type.

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Hillman Curtis: Being the best is not enough

Becoming one of the most recognised and talented Interactive designers in the world isn’t enough for the man. He now wants to focus on filmmaking in an attempt to balance his current commercial art requirements with something more meaningful.

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Josh Harris Got It Right

Josh Haris We Live in Public

Josh Harris is an American Internet entrepreneur who has been called the “Warhol of the Web” during the 1990s for his avant-garde social experiments.

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