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The future of stadium sport with Google Glass

google glass and the future of stadium sport

Ok, we were a little skeptical of Google Glass to say the least; well that was until watched this conceptual marketing video. Now our world has shifted on its axis and we plan breaking in to the Google offices to get our hands on some Google Glass! Watch this video and prepare to drool, when […]

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This video oozes inspiration -> The Future is Ours

The future is ours

Need some inspiration? Well Michael Marantz is so excited by the possibilities the future holds he made a sweet video to inspire achieving success and creativity. Watch it and prepare to be inspired.

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Inspirational speech by Twitter CEO @dickc’s: Bet on yourself. There’s no script. Be in this moment.

Dick Costolo Twitter

Former improv comedian and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo delivers an inspirational commencement address to the University of Michigan. Business Insider refers to him as one of the Valleys most impressive CEO’s. Hiring a comediam as CEO of Twitter is one smart move. Watch him in action and you’ll see why!

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Edson Oda’s Storytelling Masterpeice

Malaria short film

We love this original short film called Malaria which ttells the story of Fabiano, a young Mercenary who is hired to kill Death. It is directed by Edson Oda, inspired by his winner entry on the Django Unchained Emerging Artist Contest.

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Watch Coca Cola’s 2020 Content Marketing Strategy Video


Nearly one year ago Coca Cola launched a new content marketing strategy, Content 2020, which revealed a monumental shift in direction for the company. They have moved from ‘creative excellence’ towards ‘content excellence’. The world has changed and Coca Cola understand that remarkable content is now the most valuable currency when it comes to brand engagement. The new goal […]

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Why failure is so motivating

Tim Harford

Insights on failure – Fail again, fail better by Tim Harford    Tim Harford, author of Adapt: Why Success Always Start with Failure, gathers insights on failure from thinkers like J.K. Rowling, Muhammad Yunus, Samuel Beckett, and more. Also see famous creators on the fear of failure and Steve Jobs’ succinct wisdom on the subject. First seen here

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A Truly Inspirational Video from Ze Frank


Check out Ze Frank’s “An Invocation for Beginnings” then write it out and pin it up where you can read it every day. Welcome back Ze!

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Alfred Hitchcock on the secret of Happiness & Creativity


Provided they are creative of course. Alfred Hitchcock on the secret of happiness – 83 seconds of profound truth. Even bald people can find happiness First seen here

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Why 90% of advertising doesn’t work!


Banksy the maverick graffiti artist from England lashes out at ‘The Advertisers’, who, ‘laugh at you’, ‘make you feel small’, make ‘your girlfriend feel inadequate’… “They leer at you from tall buildings and make you feel small … They are ‘The Advertisers’ and they are laughing at you.” I guess no wonder 90% of advertising doesn’t work… Source Dave Trott […]

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Bill Hicks on Marketing & Advertising. This is frighteningly close to the truth.


It’s old, yet still gold. Bill Hicks at his insightful best talking about Marketing & Advertising, from his 1990′s standup routine Revelations. We like to watch it every now and then, just to remind ourselves to not place dollar signs on everything. Well, almost everything. After all, there’s a big market for the anti-marketing dollar. Rather than killing ourselves […]

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