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The future of stadium sport with Google Glass

google glass and the future of stadium sport

Ok, we were a little skeptical of Google Glass to say the least; well that was until watched this conceptual marketing video. Now our world has shifted on its axis and we plan breaking in to the Google offices to get our hands on some Google Glass! Watch this video and prepare to drool, when […]

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Inspirational speech by Twitter CEO @dickc’s: Bet on yourself. There’s no script. Be in this moment.

Dick Costolo Twitter

Former improv comedian and Twitter CEO Dick Costolo delivers an inspirational commencement address to the University of Michigan. Business Insider refers to him as one of the Valleys most impressive CEO’s. Hiring a comediam as CEO of Twitter is one smart move. Watch him in action and you’ll see why!

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Bitcoin Basics Explained


The virtual currency Bitcoin has been generating serious buzz since it shot to prominence after a massive rise in value during the financial crisis in Cyprus. The rise in value was mainly due the prospect of a currency free from government regulation and interference. Even real economists have jumped on the band wagon and have started thinking about the […]

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Predict what people will read & share next on Twitter

nine connections Lucien Burm

Lot’s of companies are tying to solve the problem of information overload on Twitter. In our opinion a new Dutch Start-up called Nine Connections has found an interesting angle. Nine Connections believe that nine well-chosen users beats looking at a wide network of twitter users when it comes to predicting what people will read & share next. […]

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The Minority Report comes one step closer with Leap Motion

leap motion

Leap motion is the most exciting new tech entry we’ve seen in 2012 and it’s potentially the 3D user interface of the future. For as little as $69.99 Leap Motion can turn your laptop or computer in to a Minority Report type interface. Leap Motion claims its device is 200 times more accurate than anything on the market including […]

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Fluffy Marketing Predictions for 2013: The marketing overlords gain more power!

2013 Marketing Predictions

2012 saw many changes in the digital marketing landscape. And now that we’ve survived the Mayan apocalypse it’s time to look ahead. Here are our predictions for the marketing world in 2013 and beyond: Marketing Buzzwords These three buzzwords will surface in every business & digital advertising agency meeting in 2013 – > 1. Social […]

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Meet Social Gaming Marketing Expert Oli Madgett of We R Interactive

Oli Madgett

We caught up with Oli Madgett of We R Interactive to learn how I AM PLAYR all started and what the future holds for branded content and social gaming. I AM PLAYR takes the dream of living the life of a professional footballer to the next level, a game which marries social gaming with big brands such as Nike and Alfa […]

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The Perfect Facebook Life

The perfect Facebook life

Facebook is a curated world where all relationships are perfect, every weekend is better than the next, your enemies are your biggest fans and food porn is a celebrated fetish. Who would have thought all those years back that the shoe like phone could one day become our most intimate companion? Last thing at night we flirt with the alarm, gaze […]

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What Google’s Hunter Walk learnt working at Second Life, Google & Youtube

Hunter Walk Interview

Hunter Walk (@hunterwalk) focuses on YouTube as a platform for social good, activism and free expression. Hunter previously led consumer product management at YouTube, delivering billions of playbacks a day to the world’s largest video community. Something Weird? My mother is an artist and when I was a kid, we’d visit graveyards to make rubbings of […]

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Klout’s 4th Employee Megan Berry talks about life after Klout

Megan Berry Marketing

We caught up with Megan Berry who recently founded LiftFive in partnership with Lerer Ventures to build momentum around top startups. Megan was previously the fourth employee at Klout (now valued at $200 million), where she led marketing for two years and helped develop the Klout Perks program. Klout is a controvercial social media tool that claims to measure users’ […]

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