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The secret to landing a dream job in Google

the secret to getting a job in google

Have you ever considered working for Google? Well, if you’re like us, you probably think they only hire rocket scientists with IQ’s that are off the richter scale, the type of people who learned to code before they could read or write. However we recently came across a really interesting article by Forbes which looked at Google’s current […]

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Growth Hacking – The Scrappy Guide to Marketing

Kieran Flanagan EMEA Marketing Director at Hubspot

Kieran Flanagan (@hsearchbrat) is a scrappy EMEA Marketing Director with Hubspot who doesn’t believe that best practise is the only way to deliver online results. Kieran is a self-proclaimed data crack addict and he is part of a new tribe of cool kids who call themselves growth hackers. Members of this tribe focus on discovering […]

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Watch what happens when augmented reality meets a bus shelter.

Pepsi Unbelievable Bus Shelter

This marketing campaign is not for the faint hearted, but then needed is Pepsi Max This marketing video needs no introduction just watch it. Nice work by AMV BBDO (who also did the recent Guinness campaign the “Sapeurs“).

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The future of stadium sport with Google Glass

google glass and the future of stadium sport

Ok, we were a little skeptical of Google Glass to say the least; well that was until watched this conceptual marketing video. Now our world has shifted on its axis and we plan breaking in to the Google offices to get our hands on some Google Glass! Watch this video and prepare to drool, when […]

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Dutch coffee vending machine gives away free coffee if you yawn

douwe egbert marketing campaign

This is a very creative use of facial recognition technology by Dutch coffee company Douwe Egbert in their latest marketing campaign to grow brand awareness. All you have to do is walk up to the machine, yawn, collect free coffee. If only all vending machines were as generous.

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NBC score big with Content Marketing – American Coach in London

nbc america coach london soccer video

NBC score big using this content marketing gem, featuring Jason Sudeikis as an American football coach making a go of it in England to help promote their coverage of this years Premier League. What’s interesting is it’s not just being used as a piece of online content;  it’s also being used at half-time during the Premiership matches broadcast […]

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Check out this public fridge full of beer only Canadian passports can open

molson marketing campaign beer fridge

To celebrate Canada Day, the beer producer placed large red fridges filled with ice cold bottles of Molson Canadian in public locations around European countries. Confused passersby who tried to open the fridge were told scan their Canadian passport because only those with Canadian citizenship were able to open the fridge. Once opened locals could sample the […]

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Is this the future for Web Video & Online Advertising?

The future of online advertising

The first TV Ads were really nothing more than glorified Radio Ads. So, it’s not that surprising then, that most web video advertising today is nothing more than gloried repackaged TV spots. This new web video ad from McDonalds, which has over 8 million views, points in our opinion towards the future of online video advertising. Web video needs to […]

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Super Clever Superman Advertising

man of steel elevator advertising art

A Little creativity can transform a boring lift into a clever communications channel. Very Clever. For other creative elevator advertising examples, check out these collections - Creative Elevator Advertisements or more here  

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The Minority Report comes one step closer with Leap Motion

leap motion

Leap motion is the most exciting new tech entry we’ve seen in 2012 and it’s potentially the 3D user interface of the future. For as little as $69.99 Leap Motion can turn your laptop or computer in to a Minority Report type interface. Leap Motion claims its device is 200 times more accurate than anything on the market including […]

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