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IKEA’s New Insightful Brand Strategy

Ikea Living Together

IKEA’s new marketing campaign in the UK  &  Ireland, titled ‘Make Room for Your Life’, continues IKEA’s new brand strategy to demonstrate an understanding of the everyday challenges that people face in their homes. IKEA’s new brand strategy represents a shift in focus away from individual rooms and toward activities that take place in the home. Campaign insight Poor […]

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Watch Coca Cola’s 2020 Content Marketing Strategy Video


Nearly one year ago Coca Cola launched a new content marketing strategy, Content 2020, which revealed a monumental shift in direction for the company. They have moved from ‘creative excellence’ towards ‘content excellence’. The world has changed and Coca Cola understand that remarkable content is now the most valuable currency when it comes to brand engagement. The new goal […]

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Meet Social Gaming Marketing Expert Oli Madgett of We R Interactive

Oli Madgett

We caught up with Oli Madgett of We R Interactive to learn how I AM PLAYR all started and what the future holds for branded content and social gaming. I AM PLAYR takes the dream of living the life of a professional footballer to the next level, a game which marries social gaming with big brands such as Nike and Alfa […]

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Brands now know how to “Captcha” you

Type in Advertising with Captha's

Advertisers have figured out the ideal way to help marketers force marketing communications down the throats of unsuspecting browsers… Just like the first company who placed advertising in public toilets, Solve Media have identified an suspecting location for Internet based advertising. Solve Media’s proprietary TYPE-IN™ is branded CAPTCHA (human authentication), which places relevant brand messages where users are already engaged. TYPE-IN™ ads provide […]

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A kids first impression of popular brandmarks

Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 14.29.03

A great video by Adam Ladd and possibly every brand managers nightmare. Especially if they have just forked out another $100k plus on their corporate identity. Adams 5 year old daughter Faith Ladd provides insightful yet adorable explanations of today’s most popular brands. Maybe too insightful and that is we have to raise the question, is this really a child’s voice or a scenically scripted self promotion stunt by graphic designer Adam Ladd?

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KIA’s new global brand campaign

kia Facebook Like Lab

This marketing campaign is part of KIA’s new strategy. This new global brand campaign is called “Inspired by What You Like. Kia, the Power to Surprise,” the three-phase movement is set to invade Facebook beginning this month and gets everyone involved in Kia’s core beliefs – Challenger, Human-driven, and Spirited. Here are some behind the scenes shots from KIA’s […]

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Extra strong product branding from Heinz

awesome heinz garlic sauce newspaper print ad

This creative press ad from Heinz appeared in a Dutch newspaper in the personal Ad section. This is a creative way to communicate the products key USP as it’s tagline is “Extra strong garlic sauce”. The end result is a very effective and strong brand piece. No need to tell you that Garlic Sause gives you […]

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How brands can maximise Facebook Edgerank

Christel Quek Social Media Strategist

Hi fellow fluffyheads! I’m Christel, and you can tweet me at @ladyxtel on Twitter. I’m currently a Social Media Strategist at Havas Media, and I’m based in Asia – you can read more on what I’ve written/done on my site here. I am excited by fluffy topics like strategy, digital influence marketing, Guinness, and Content […]

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Samsung secretly wishes it was a cool brand!

Cool Samsung Ad

 Dude, it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded. We really love this new challenger brand ad from Samsung. A clever move to subtly poke fun at Apple’s notoriously cult-like followers.

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Never go hungry again with anti-theft lunch bags


Creative packaging design and product branding doesn’t get anymore innovative than these Anti-Theft Lunch Bags designed by “the.”. They might help avoid getting your lunch nicked by that that sticky-fingered coworker or schoolyard bully but don’t be surprised if you find your lunch in the bin. That being said we love this creative packaging idea by “the.”. You can’t beat […]

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