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Boing Boing is the King of Non Mainstream Content

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According to Technorati, Boing Boing is the world’s “most favoured” blog, as well as being “one of the most-read and linked-to blogs in the world”. It showcases a fusion of themes such as technology, culture, futurism, gadgets, lifestyle, and others more (typically contained in newsletters, magazines, comic books, academic journals, and other unique media). It’s a platform that comprises of very unusual works, leading to Boing Boing’s tagline of “a directory of wonderful things”.

Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing

Mark Frauenfelder

But before it came to be the weblog that it is now, it was a more humble magazine. The married couple who made this small circulation publication possible (back in 1988) was Mark Frauenfelder and Carla Sinclair. With the combined efforts Jon Lebkowsky, Paco Nathan and Gareth Branwyn, Boing Boing embraced the cyberpunk subculture which was very popular at that time. In 1995, Boing Boing went online. Maybe in 2011 Boing Boing should consider going IPO, given it adds more value than most over hyped tech companies.

Boing Boing is essentially a database that documents remarkable non mainstream content. So if you’re looking to find content that is unique, bizarre or just noteworthy, then this is the website to visit.

Another great thing about Boing Boing is their support of ‘free culture’. The administrators of the site allow the posting of other peoples creative work for free, just as long as these people are credited well for it. Boing Boing has also made it possible to promote these free resources effective without having to spend even a cent.

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