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Adidas is all in

The new global brand campaign from Adidas “All Adidas” is about raw passion and the cross culture fusion of sports, style and fashion.

The central is idea is that when you love your game, whatever that game may be, you put your all into it. This is the largest campaign Adidas has ever executed globally.

The campaign features Sir David Beckham, NBA star Derrick Rose, pop icon Katy Perry and football God Lionel Messi going all in. Although, I’m not sure why David Beckham is part of the campaign.

The campaign (like every other campaign nowadays) will also have a social media front through Facebook and Twitter, where Adidas are posting product releases (who reads press releases these day?) to competitions for Katy Perry tickets and the carrot on the stick promise of ‘much more’.

Montreal-based agency Sid Lee created and produced the global brand campaign and the video was directed by  the 27-year-old French director Romain Gavras. Adidas will also be giving fans a chance to be in its next national TV commercial by showcasing their talent in it.

Music is "Civilization" from the new album from Justice

Music is "Civilization" from the new album from Justice

Fluffy Verdict

There’s nothing really new or original about this campaign. Many sports brands have adopted this approach and style. The signature music is what actually makes the campaign stand out. This music gives the video a strong sense of energy.

This might sound fluffy however the right choice of signature track is vital. Remember when Heineken used Give me Shelter as their signature music? For those of you interested, the Adidas track is called “Civilization” by french electronic band Justice.

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