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2010 Twitter Trends

Is Twitter the lowest form of conversation? Well the most popular hashtag of 2010 is #rememberwhen and anyone who watches the Sopranos will know exactly what Tony Soprano thinks of that specific hashtag. If however you find in the dark, you can find out about Tony’s sentiments here “Tony Soprano & Remember When – the lowest form of conversation“.

At least the Twitterverse has good taste in film with Inception being the most popular film; but let’s not talk about Justin Bieber being the most popular person. Also, Steve Jobs and his iPad will need to look over their collective shoulder in the direction of Google Andriod in 2011. Lets pray we never see or hear the Vuvuzela trending again. Finally lets have a minutes silence for Paul the Octopus who was the the star of to 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010

  1. Gulf Oil Spill
  2. FIFA World Cup
  3. Inception
  4. Haiti Earthquake
  5. Vuvuzela (never again please!)
  6. Apple iPad
  7. Google Android
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
  10. Pulpo Paul (better know as Paul the Octopus)

Full List of 2010 Twitter Trends

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